Horse OINTMENT warming Nature Line 250ml, horse cream for pain


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  • Horse cream for pain. The warming horse ointment from the Naturya Line is an ideal solution for those seeking relaxation and regeneration after exhausting physical exertion or fatigue. The preparation also relieves rheumatic pains and brings relief to back pain.

Aqua, isopropyl alcohol, chamomilla recutita flower extract, melissa officinalis leaf extract, achillea millefolium flower / leaf / stem extract, glycerin, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, capsicum frutescens fruit extract, extracts foeniculum vulgare, humulus lupulus (hops) cone extract , valerian officinalis root extract, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, benzyl nicotinate, sodium hydroxide, carbomer, menthol, parfum, propylene glycol, phenylpropanol, methylisothiazolinone, limone, sodium benzoate, citric acid, potassium sorbate, CI 14720, 16255, methyl salicylate , salicylic acid.

Horse ointment is a tried and known method of relieving pain and muscular discomfort. The Sewmed company offers a product in a convenient gel form that spreads easily on the skin. Thanks to this, it is ideal for massage, which additionally supports the action of warming ointments. The formulation formula is based on high quality natural plant extracts. Effectiveness is guaranteed by a complex of herbal extracts from peppermint, devil's claw, white chestnut, rosemary, arnica, mountain pine, tea tree, thyme, juniper and comfrey. The ointment has a warming effect, and the richness of ingredients makes it a universal painkiller, irreplaceable in the case of back pain, backache and joint pain as well as rheumatic-degenerative symptoms. Ointment effectively relieves muscular discomfort caused by physical activity. Essential oils have a unique, herbal fragrance, which additionally introduces a state of relaxation and comfort.

Recommended for use in states of physical exhaustion caused by exertion or fatigue. Ideally suited for massage.

Additional information:
Do not use on damaged skin or around the mouth. Do not allow contact with eyes.

How to use:
Product for external use. Apply the ointment directly to the skin, massage gently. It is recommended to repeat the application 2-3 times a day. Always wash your hands after using the gel. Much better results can be obtained through regular use.