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Horsetail herb 50g, horsetail tea, treatment of urinary tract infection

Herbapol Lublin

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  • Horsetail herb exhibits diuretic properties. As a result, it helps in the treatment of urinary tract infection and the removal of pathogenic microorganisms. Favorably affects the functioning of the body.

100 g of product contains 100 grams of herb horsetail (Equiseti herba).

horsetail herb is a natural product that can be purchased without a prescription. Traditional therapeutic agent of vegetable origin.Horsetail herb is known for its health-promoting properties. It works diuretic and helps the process of purification of the urinary tract. It supports the process eliminate the body of harmful products of metabolism. Seals the blood vessels and reduces the risk of gallstone formation, and urinary tract. It acts anti. A rich source of chemical compounds such as flavonoids, alkaloids and minerals, and especially soluble silica. Horsetail herb is in the form of herbs for brewing.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product
- the application for the adoption of recommendations of a limited amount of fluid (eg. In severe cases of heart or kidney).

It is recommended to use the product supplement in benign disorders of the urinary tract as a means of flushing the urinary tract (recommended for inflammation of the bladder and urethra).

How to use:
Apply orally. Take the preparation of the infusion of herbs (after pouring the hot water).