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Horvi-Enzym-C 300 liquid

Horvi Enzymed

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Horvi-Enzym-C 300, liquid

Ingredients per 1 ml:


Lachesis muta 0.5 mcg 
Bothrops jararaca 0.5 mcg 
90,000 D/E/mg
 0.1 mg
Thiamine hydrochloride 15.0 mg 
Hydroxypropiophenone   1.0 mg
Magnesium chloride
10.0 mg 


20% alcohol by volume

What is Lachesis (Lachesis muta)?

The venom of the surukuku snake is so deadly that even inhalation of the snake venom's fumes is purported to induce delirium! Lachesis's use as a homeopathic remedy was discovered by the homeopath, Constantine Hering, who tested it on himself to prove its efficacy.

The venom's main use is to treat circulatory disorders, as well as other blood related conditions.

Homeopaths may prescribe this remedy for :

Blood poisoning.
Blood circulatory disorders including varicose veins. Displaying the following symptoms : bluish tinge of the skin.
Heart problems Displaying the following symptoms : Weak heart, angina, palpitations, an irregular, fast or weak pulse, chest pain, breathing difficulties.
Uterine problems such as pre-menstrual congestion and pain.
Menopausal problems such as hot flushes.
Bladder infections.
Throat infections/sore throat.
Serious infectious diseases such as scarlet fever and smallpox.
People requiring this remedy will feel worse :

When touched, after sleep, in tight clothing, drinking hot liquids, bathing in hot water, in the heat, during menopause (women only).

People requiring this remedy will feel better :

Being outside, drinking cold liquids, if normal bodily discharges are functioning properly.

People suitable for this remedy :

Are usually intelligent, creative, go-getting individuals. They are often self-absorbed, jealous, possessive and wary of commitment (within a relationship).

 Bothrops jararaca benefits:

jararaca, Trimeresurus flavoviridis, Trimeresurus gramineus, or Agkistrodon halys blomhoffii (and many others), represent one of the major sources of exogenous natriuretic peptides. These peptides are potent body fluid volume regulators and therefore reduce blood pressure.

Thiamine hydrochloride benefits:

Thiamine is used to treat beriberi (tingling and numbness in feet and hands, muscle loss, and poor reflexes caused by a lack of thiamine in the diet) and to treat and prevent Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome (tingling and numbness in hands and feet, memory loss, confusion caused by a lack of thiamine in the diet).

Deoxyribonuclease benefits:

What are the benefits of DNase?

It has been hypothesized that secretion of DNase provides a growth advantage by enlarging the pool of available nucleotides by DNA hydrolysis (1). Extracellular DNase activity also has been hypothesized to play a role in the dissemination and spread of infecting bacteria by liquifying pus (2–6).
Magnesium chloride  benefits:
Magnesium chloride has been found to have significant beneficial properties for internal health, as well as helping to relax your mind and body. It can help in detoxifying the body, reducing aches and pains, relieving stress and anxiety and providing the muscles with energy.