Hot water bottle GUM-MED, hot water bag


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  • Hot water bottle, hot water bag. Gum rubber hot water bottle-Med, it's easy to use, secure device that is used for local heating of the body for preventive treatment. Hot water bottle filled with hot water cools very slowly and a warm compress for a long period of time.

hot water bottle is made of special rubber material retaining heat. Capacity 2 liters.

Hot water bottle Rubber Gum-Med, is a simple to use, safe product for the local heating of the body. Hot water bottle is made of high quality material that maintains the desired temperature and a warm, pleasant to the body wrap. This well-known and frequently used method for local heating of the body, helps to alleviate many ailments and can be used for rheumatic pain, muscle pain and contraction of the abdominal cavity - especially menstrual pains.

How to use:
Before using the hot water bottle with hot water scalded noting that there are no leaks. Pour into hot water bottle hot water - never boiling! holding the neck upright. Hot water bottle filled slowly to 3/4 of its capacity. When filling caution. Refit hot water bottle the stop and check the tightness of the product. Hot water bottle may be used in direct contact with the body, or wrap it, for example. Cotton towel. It is recommended to use covers or towels.

After use, empty the water and put the hot water bottle infusion down in order to completely empty it of water. Hot water bottle used as intended.