How To Lose Weight Fast? | ACAI x 60 capsules


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  • How To Lose Weight Fast? Acai EkaMedica, is a natural dietary supplement containing valuable polyphenols, unsaturated fatty acids and lipids, vitamins and trace elements beneficial effect on human health and beauty. The product is recommended for the prophylaxis of atherosclerosis and diabetes.

extract of the berry Acai minimum of 10% polyphenols - the content in one capsule of 300 mg, bulking agent: cellulose, anti-caking agent silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids, capsule: gelatin

How To Lose Weight Fast? Acai, is a unique resource, the number of properties a very positive effect on the health of the human body. Among the many benefits are calculated positive effect on weight loss and getting rid of excess weight, cleansing the body of toxins and slow down the aging process. In addition, the active ingredients of Acai - here mostly valuable polyphenols also help regulate cholesterol levels, support the cardiovascular system and the effect of improving sexual performance.

How To Lose Weight Fast? Acai is recommended for slimming diets and cleansing the body and those vulnerable to cardiovascular disease.

1 capsule per day. The product should not be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.