How to treat a yeast infection? Albivag vaginal globules x 10 pieces, boric acid, hyaluronic acid


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  • How to treat a yeast infection? Boric acid, hyaluronic acid. Vaginal globules Albivag with boric acid and hyaluronic acid. A medical device for using, among others for recurrent vaginal mycotic infections. The product moisturizes the vaginal mucosa and restores its proper pH.

One 2g globule contains: boric acid, terpinen-4-ol, sodium hyaluronate, Dragocalm® (oat), rice oil, vitamin E, semi-synthetic glycerides.

Action: The
hyaluronic acid contained in the medical device restores the vaginal mucous membrane to the proper level of hydration, and also protects. The second active component of vaginal globules is boric acid, which allows to reproduce the acidic pH of the vaginal environment. In addition, it prevents the adhesion and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms. Globulki are indicated for use in vaginal fungal infections, as well as for the relief of irritation and redness associated with them.

Medical device Albivag vaginal globules intended for use in supportive therapy in the case of recurrent vulvar and vaginal candidiasis, as well as helpful in relieving redness, irritation and pruritus - symptoms experienced during vaginal mycosis infection. The preparation can be used as an auxiliary for allergic reactions to Candida within the vagina.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the globules.

Application in the case of fungal infection: apply one globule per day for a period of 15 days. Use for recurrent infections: apply one globule twice a week for 8 weeks. Globulks are suitable for use in combination with other antifungal products.