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Human milk, NESTLE BEBA FM 85, supplement powder

NESTLE Nutrition GmbH

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NESTLE BEBA FM 85 human milk supplement powder

Pack size:200g Dosage form:powder

Nestlé BEBA human milk supplement FM 85
from birth as directed by the doctor, 200g, powder

Human milk, NESTLE BEBA FM 85, supplement powder:

Nestlé BEBA FM 85 is precisely tailored to the special nutritional needs for the dietary treatment of premature babies who are fed with breast milk to support growth.
• Nestlé BEBA FM 85 enriches human milk as needed with energy, partially hydrolyzed protein, carbohydrates, minerals, trace elements and vitamins (according to ESPGHAN guidelines) •
Enriching human milk improves the weight development of premature babies - scientifically proven.
• with DHA and MCT

Human milk, NESTLE BEBA FM 85, supplement powder:

Nestlé BEBA FM85 is intended for exclusive nutrition in combination with human milk. From birth as directed by the doctor. Please only use under medical supervision. Not for parenteral use. Please do not use if you have cow's milk protein allergy or intolerance, galactosemia, congenital lactose intolerance, galactokinase deficiency, glucose and galactose malabsorption, maltose intolerance.

Storage Human milk, NESTLE BEBA FM 85, supplement powder

Close opened packaging tightly, store at room temperature (max. 25°C) in a dry place and use within 21 days. In the originally sealed can at room temperature (max. 25°C) and under dry storage conditions, at least until the end: see embossing on the bottom.

Instructions for use
When preparing baby food, carefully follow the instructions for use. First wash your hands thoroughly. Add BEBA FM85 to breast milk that has been warmed to body temperature and shake well for about 30 seconds. Prepare food fresh before each meal and feed it immediately. Do not reuse leftover food.