HUMAVIT Z x 150 tablets


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  • HUMAVIT Z has cleansing properties and supports removal of harmful waste products. Strengthens the nail plate, prevents hair loss and improves the condition of the skin.

HUMAVIT Z Ingredients:
Saccharomyces cerevisiae brewer's yeast, potato starch, tricalcium phosphate (stabilizer), horsetail extract, nettle extract. 4 tablets contain: brewer's yeast 1.1 g, horsetail (extract) 50 mg, nettle (extract) 30 mg.

The preparation is included in the wide category of complex dietary supplements. The brewer's yeast contained in it is a rich source of B vitamins, which positively affect the condition of the skin. They accelerate wound healing and give the skin a healthy appearance. Horsetail extract contains silicon responsible for normalizing the level of moisture in the connective tissue. What's more, it positively influences the condition of the hair, preventing their graying and splitting of the nail plate. Nettle extract has diuretic properties supporting cleansing and detoxification of the body. The preparation supports the metabolism.

HUMAVIT Z Contraindications:
- allergy to the ingredients of the preparation

The product should be used to strengthen hair, skin and nails. Also indicated in order to support the body's cleansing process and eliminate harmful metabolic products.

Directions for use:
Use orally. It is recommended to use a dose of 2 tables. x 2 / 24h when eating or after eating.