HUMBLE Bamboo toothbrush black soft x 1 piece

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HUMBLE Bamboo toothbrush black soft. An alternative to traditional plastic toothbrushes, equally effective and convenient to use! Humble Bamboo toothbrush black soft is dedicated to people who want to introduce ecological solutions to their hygiene.

Operation Humble Bamboo toothbrush black soft:

Humble Bamboo toothbrush black soft is a 100% ecological and vegan product! It successfully replaces standard toothbrushes. The handle is made entirely of biodegradable bamboo (sustainably sourced), and the bristles of the brush are made of durable, durable and hygienic Dupont nylon-6 bristles (BPA free). Compared to other types of nylon, it is a bristle with lower hardness - it is better for teeth and with lower water absorption - it makes it easier to maintain the hygiene of the toothbrush, which is importantly the most biodegradable nylon fiber. The product is packed in environmentally friendly packaging (recycled materials can be disposed of with organic waste).

Humble Bamboo toothbrush, black, soft, designed for everyday hygiene and oral care.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children, at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light.

How to use Humble Bamboo toothbrush black soft:

Use as intended. It is recommended to replace the toothbrush every three months.