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HUMER blocked nose for children and adults spray 50ml stuffy nose remedy

Laboratoire Urgo

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  • HUMER blocked nose for children and adults is a product in aerosol form, which thanks to the high concentration of sea salt cleans and udrażniająco. It helps in the treatment of colds and sinus rhinitis.

100% sea water naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements: magnesium, copper, gold, silver, sulfur, selenium, manganese, etc.

The preparation is characterized by a high concentration of sea salt.It is a hypertonic solution of seawater, which has a positive effect on the nasal mucosa. First of all, thanks to the microdiffusion distributes the aerosol over the entire nasal mucous membrane. It cleans and eliminates impurities from the nasal passages, dried secretions and sensitizers and disease. It helps to treat infections and facilitates breathing and works in the prevention of their occurrence.

It is recommended to use the product in the case of colds, sinus rhinitis and other infections running with a feeling of nasal congestion. For use in adults and children from 3 months of age

Use nasal, application use 1 dose in each nostril x 2-3 / 24, before eating.