HUMER Sea water into the nose for babies and toddlers spray 150ml

Laboratoire Urgo

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  • HUMER Seawater nasal for infants and children in the form of a spray is a product that removes the nasal passages dust, germs and other contaminants. It works udrażniająco and moisturizing.

100% undiluted sea water 9 g / l NaCl.

The product is intended for nasal administration. It is an isotonic solution of mineral water, which is a source of mineral salts and trace elements. Exhibits cleansing not only removes the dried secretions and mucus, but also pollution and microorganisms, including allergens. Moisturize the mucous membrane and affects the dissolution of the dried secretions and reduces the risk of infection.Mikrodyfuzję operates using a 6-bar area involving the even distribution of the product across the nasal mucosa.

The product is recommended for use in children from 3 months of age and adults. Recommended for allergies, rhinitis and sinusitis.

Use 1-2 intranasal applications psiknięcia each nostril x 2-3 / 24.