HUMER sea water nasal spray for adults 150ml

Laboratoire Urgo

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  • HUMER Sea water into the nose for adults is a product in the form of a spray which has cleansing properties and Ink Stain nose. It facilitates breathing and moisturizes the nasal mucosa.

Sterile physiological sea water. Belted inertial non-flammable gas.Nitrogen. Top trace elements contained: sulfur, copper, gold, silver, selenium, manganese, magnesium.

The product has a natural composition, without preservatives. An isotonic solution of sea water, which enriches the nasal mucosa in the beneficial trace elements. Its application allows for cleaning of the nasal passages of example. Microorganisms or allergens.Additionally, it exhibits moisturizing properties to the mucosa and helps its regeneration. It supports the process of treatment of rhinitis and facilitates breathing.

It is recommended to use the product for cleansing and moisturizing the nasal passages of the nose. Recommended for adults, including allergy.

Use nasal applications 1 puff in each nostril x 2-3 / 24.