HUSTEEL drops 30ml - nagging cough of different etiology


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  • Heel-HUSTEEL one of homeopathic preparations used orally in the form of drops, which alleviates the symptoms associated with nagging cough of different etiology (mostly dry).

Causticum D6 Hahnemanni, Cuprum aceticum D6, Scilla D4, Belladonna D4, D6 jodatum Arsenum

homeopathic preparation used orally in the form of drops, which thanks to its unique composition acts as an auxiliary to the functioning of the body and the respiratory system. His reception allows you to alleviate nagging cough that accompanies a cold. It works at a dry cough.

The product is intended for use in case of cough of different etiologies, but especially recommended for colds and infections of the upper respiratory tract.

For oral use usually at a dose of 10 drops x 3/24, and acute at the beginning 10 drops every fifteen minutes for 2h.