Hyalobarrier Gel 10ml pre-filled syringe with 1 piece

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  • Hyalobarrier gel to a medical device in the form of pre-filled syringe containing a fused hyaluronic acid, which forms a natural barrier between the tissues in the regeneration phase, thus preventing the formation of adhesions.

Hyalobarrier Gel pre-filled syringe Action:
adhesions resulting from the operation area of the abdomen and pelvis can lead to impairment of certain functions, for example. Fertility. A medical device Hyalobarrier gel is a transparent gel containing fused hyaluronic acid (ACP ® - auto-crosslinked polysacharide), which is responsible for the high viscosity product. The gel is fully safe absorbed after 7 days. Distributed to the tissues and the walls of the abdominal cavity, effectively separating them from each other, limiting the formation of adhesions.

Hyalobarrier Gel pre-filled syringe Use:
A medical device Hyalobarrier 10 ml of gel pre-filled syringe to be used in order to limit the formation of adhesions in the abdomen and pelvis after open surgery, or laparotomy.

Hyalobarrier Gel pre-filled syringe Additional information:
The Hyalobarrier Gel disposable. Keep out of reach of children at 28 ° C. The product can be stored at room temperature briefly.

not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation, as well as in patients with active infection or infections in the surgical site.

The medical device must be used by qualified staff. When applying the preparation should be all aseptic. The gel was warmed to room temperature, open the package, to move the syringe to the sterile field. Remove the cover, insert the cannula. Spread the product within the abdominal or pelvic exactly covering selected areas of a gel layer having a thickness of 1-2 mm. Do not rinse the surgical field after application.