HYALUBRIX solution for injection ie pre-filled syringe

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HYALUBRIX injection solution ie pre-filled syringe

Pack size:1X2 ml Dosage form:Pre-filled syringes

pre-filled syringes are only intended for use by a trained doctor / specialist."

Hyalubrix® pre-filled syringe for osteoarthritis

Hyalubrix® was launched on the German market in 2003 for intra-articular injection in osteoarthritis. The sodium hyaluronate contained in Hyalubrix® is very similar to the body's own hyaluronate.

Hyalubrix® does not contain any preservatives and is extremely well tolerated. Hyalubrix® offers you a possibility to reduce the symptoms of your osteoarthritis by:

  • Restoration of the shock absorber function of the synovial fluid
  • Joint mobility improvement
  • Reducing pain

Use and frequency of joint injections
Your doctor, the specialist for your joint, will be happy to discuss the possibilities of therapy with you and advise you on the use of Hyalubrix® in your case.
A therapy cycle usually consists of 3–5 injections given once a week. If pain and impairment in the joints occurs again after a treatment cycle, the treatment can be repeated.

Components The
main component of Hyalubrix is ​​a 1.5% hyaluronic acid sodium salt solution

  • 30mg hyaluronic acid sodium salt per 2ml pre-filled syringe
  • Molecular weight> 1,500kDa (high molecular hyaluronic acid)
  • produced by fermentation

Please note:
 may only be administered by a doctor who has mastered the technique of intra-articular injection.


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