HYALURON, hyaluronic acid RATIOPHARM eye drops

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Hyaluron, hyaluronic acid-ratiopharm ® eye drops

Application areas: Eye diseases.

Sodium hyaluronate 1 mg⁄ml, sterile, without preservatives

It burns, itches and itches? dry eyes can be quite annoying. Hyaluron-ratiopharm eye drops provide quick relief. They are an equivalent substitute for your body's own tear fluid and free of preservatives - and thus restore the natural balance of your eyes in no time at all - Easy and safe use thanks to the handy squeeze bottle - Small bottle - perfect for on the go - Without preservatives - For soft and hard contact lenses suitable.

For moistening the surface of the eye.

Active HYALURON, hyaluronic acid RATIOPHARM eye drops ingredients

  • 1 mg hyaluronic acid, sodium salt

Auxiliary HYALURON, hyaluronic acid RATIOPHARM eye drops materials

  • Sodium chloride
  • Disodium hydrogen phosphate
  • Sodium dihydrogen phosphate
  • Potassium chloride
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Calcium chloride
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Water for injections

Dry or irritated eyes? Hyaluron-ratiopharm, hyaluronic acid eye drops - refreshment for your eyes

  • moisturizes dry eyes
  • Relieves irritation and eye pain
  • without preservatives
  • suitable for soft and hard contact lenses
  • easy and safe to use
  • small and handy bottle
  • perfect for on the go

Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops provide moisture for dry eyes, burning and watery eyes. The so-called "artificial tears" relieve irritation and eye pain. They moisten the surface of the eye and compensate for the lack of tear fluid.

One drop per eye is enough.

Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops are based on natural tear fluid, because the active ingredient hyaluronic acid is also found in natural tear fluid. Hyaluronic acid forms a protective and lubricating film on the surface of the eye and stabilizes the tear film.

Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops are free from preservatives, which makes them particularly well-tolerated. Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops are also ideal for soft and hard contact lenses. The unpleasant grain of sand or foreign body feeling can be remedied in a very gentle way.
Even without preservatives, the shelf life after opening is 12 weeks and the application is always germ-free.

The special thing about Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops is the combination of a small, handy bottle without preservatives with the usual handling of a squeeze bottle. Since the bottle fits in every pocket, Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops are always at hand and particularly practical when you are out and about.

The simple and safe handling complements the practical bottle. The side pressure on the bottle prevents movement or pressure in the direction of the eye during use. The instillation of the drops is therefore very simple and intuitive. The non-slip cap allows easy handling even if the hands should shake a little.

The contents are clearly visible through the transparent bottle. You always know how much is left in the bottle and when it is time to stock up.

Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops can be used several times a day as required. The application of one drop per eye is sufficient. The eye cannot absorb more.

The eyelashes automatically distribute the liquid in the eye when you blink. Excess fluid flows off directly. In some cases this effect can be useful - especially for allergy sufferers: allergens are rinsed out at the same time.

HYALURON RATIOPHARM, hyaluronic acid eye drops Application:
Drip Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops onto the surface of the eye or insert into the conjunctival sac.

  • It is recommended that the application be carried out with hands that have been carefully cleaned beforehand
  • Remove the tamper-evident seal before using it for the first time
  • Remove the cap before each use
  • Put your head back a little
  • Hold the bottle with the opening facing down (vertically) over the respective eye
  • Carefully open the eye with the thumb and forefinger of your free hand or gently pull the lower eyelid downwards
  • By gently pressing the bottle, 1 drop is placed on the surface of the eye or in the conjunctival sac
  • Repeat the application on the other eye
  • Carefully replace the cap immediately after each use

Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops should not be used if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients.


  • Please note that your eyesight may be changed for a short time immediately after the instillation
  • Do not use Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops if the bottle is damaged
  • Do not use Hyaluron-ratiopharm® eye drops at the same time as other preparations for use on the eye, as this may change the effect of the preparations. In the event that other eye drops / ointments are used, there should always be an interval of approx. 30 minutes between the applications of the various products
  • Please avoid touching the surface of the eye or other objects with the dropper tip in order to avoid external contamination

HYALURON RATIOPHARM, hyaluronic acid eye drops Composition:
sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen phosphate, chlorides (potassium, calcium, magnesium), natriubonate, hydrogen carbonate, aqua purificata.

Can be used for 12 weeks after opening. Do not use after the expiry date.