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Pack size:30mlDosage form:concentrate

medipharma cosmetics Hyaluron Moisture Serum
Long-lasting moisture, a kick of freshness and care for the skin - with the Hyaluron Moisture Serum from medipharma cosmetics

✔ Provides moisture with an immediate effect, for a hydrated feeling on the skin
✔ The combination of hyaluronic acid and caffeine gives the skin a kick of freshness
✔ The practical pipette tube enables precise and hygienic dosing

Main ingredients medipharma cosmetics Hyaluron Moisture Serum
Pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid, glycerin, caffeine

The slightly watery and refreshing texture of the serum gives your skin intensive moisturizing care that is immediately absorbed and leaves the skin feeling fresh and velvety soft after application.

The moisturizing serum quenches the skin's thirst and acts like a waterfall for the skin. The pharmaceutical hyaluronic acid provides the necessary boost that often dry and pale winter skin needs. Enjoy up to 24 hours of long-lasting moisture to keep your skin supple and cared for all day long. The active ingredient formula aims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles so that the skin appears smoother and more youthful. The light serum penetrates the skin layers, plumps up wrinkles and lines from the inside out and thus smoothes the skin surface.

The light serum contains a proven mixture of long- and short-chain hyaluronic acid which provides the skin with long-lasting moisture. Invigorating caffeine awakens dull and tired winter skin and gives it an immediate kick of freshness.

The serum tube is equipped with a precise dosing tip which enables hygienic and targeted removal of the product. For easy application directly on the skin without wasting the product.

The best possible effect can be achieved in combination: Start with the hyaluronic cleansing gel, then apply the hyaluronic moisture serum to the skin and finally apply the hyaluronic 48h moisture cream gel. The cleansing gel cleanses, removes make-up and excess sebum. The light, almost liquid serum provides moisture with an immediate effect and the cream gel provides the skin with long-lasting important nutrients and moisture. For systematic skin care.

• Provides moisture with an immediate effect
• For a fresh and velvety-soft feeling on the skin
• 24-hour long-lasting moisture supply
• Fills in wrinkles and lines and ensures a smoother complexion
• Caffeine awakens dull and tired skin
• Practical dosing tip for precise application on the skin

Directions for use
Apply a few drops to face, neck and décolleté every morning and evening.