Hydrocoll sterile hydrocolloid dressing 10 x 10cm x 1 piece


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There should be a place for the sterile Hydrocoll hydrocolloid dressing in every first aid kit. The product absorbs light to moderate exudate, protecting the wound and providing optimal conditions for rapid wound healing.

Hydrocoll sterile hydrocolloid dressing Operation and application:
The sterile Hydrocoll hydrocolloid dressing is very suitable for dressing wounds with light to moderate exudate. The product is especially recommended for wounds in the final stage of cleansing and at the stage of building new tissue. The Hydrocoll dressing has a high absorbency potential, so it does not need to be changed often. The hydrocolloid layer absorbs the exudate along with microorganisms and quickly encloses it in the gel structure, thus protecting the wound from infection. The dressing promotes wound healing because it creates an optimal microclimate for this, which supports tissue reconstruction. The product prevents the wound from drying out. Importantly, on the one hand, the dressing protects the wound from the inside, absorbing the exudate, and on the other, prevents contamination from the outside (the dressing protects the wound even in the shower). Dressing with dimensions:

Hydrocoll sterile hydrocolloid dressing Additional information:
Keep the product out of the reach of children, at room temperature.

Directions for use:
Apply a dressing to the cleaned and dried wound.