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For mild inflammation and allergic skin reactions

 • For example, itching, redness and swelling 

• Free of fragrances and parabens 

• For adults and children from 6 years 

• Inexpensive drug of proven quality 

Good skin tolerance

Our skin is an important protective shield that protects us from damaging external influences and pathogens. HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream can effectively relieve discomforts of the skin such as annoying itching, burning, tension and pain. The medicinal cream is considered to be well tolerated and is therefore suitable for children from 6 years of age. HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream can therefore be recommended for inflammatory and allergic skin diseases with minor symptoms.

Works twice

Hydrocortisone is an endogenous active ingredient that is characterized by its dual mode of action. Even in low doses, the active ingredient not only stimulates the formation of anti-inflammatory proteins, but at the same time also inhibits the formation of inflammatory messenger substances. In this way, unpleasant skin reactions can be alleviated.

Unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor, HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream is applied thinly to the affected areas two to three times a day and rubbed in gently. When using it on the face, make sure that the cream does not get into the eyes. After the symptoms have improved, the cream is applied once a day or every 2nd to 3rd day. Treatment with HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream should be continued for a few days after the symptoms have subsided in order to prevent the disease from flaring up again. HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream is intended for short-term use on the skin and should not be used for longer than 2 weeks. If the symptoms persist, please contact your doctor or pharmacist. IN SUNBURN

Frequent and sufficient sunscreen lotion is mandatory - not only in summer and also when there is a supposedly low risk of sunburn. If, despite all caution, a slight sunburn occurs: get out of the sun and drink a lot. In addition, the symptoms such as redness and burning of the skin can be alleviated by using HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream.

INFLAMMED INSECT BITES Mosquito bites are mostly harmless in this country, but by scratching the itchy skin, bacteria can penetrate the puncture site and cause inflammation. Hydrocortisone is recommended to relieve annoying itching and swelling. Due to the low dose of active ingredient, HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream is suitable for children from 6 years of age.


In the case of skin diseases such as eczema or contact allergies, for example caused by a nickel or fragrance allergy, the focus is usually on alleviating the symptoms. The use of HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream can relieve itching, swelling and redness. The medicinal cream is also suitable as a supplementary treatment for mild neurodermatitis.

Frequently asked questions HYDROCORTISONE CREAM and answers

What should be considered before using HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream?
Do not use HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream
• if you are allergic to hydrocortisone or any of the other ingredients of this medicine,
• if you have chickenpox and vaccine reactions,
• if you have syphilitic or tubercular skin diseases,
• with simultaneous skin infection by bacteria or fungi (this must be treated separately)
• with certain skin inflammations in the area of ​​the mouth (perioral dermatitis) or face (rosacea) that are associated with reddening and / or nodule formation
• with acne vulgaris and steroid acne
• on open wounds
• during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Please make absolutely sure that HYDROCORTISONE CREAM AL 0.5% cream is not used on or in the eye and must not get into the eyes during treatment on the face.

Which components are contained in HYDROCORTISONE AL 0.5% cream?
The active ingredient is hydrocortisone, 1 g of cream contains 5 mg of hydrocortisone. The other ingredients of the preparation are stearic acid (Ph. Eur.) [Vegetable], sorbitan stearate, polysorbate 60, octyldodecanol (Ph. Eur.), Hard fat, propylene glycol and purified water.

How should the HYDROCORTISONE AL 0.5% cream be stored?
Please always keep HYDROCORTISONE AL 0.5% cream out of the reach of children and do not store the medicine above 30 ° C. Once opened, the cream is stable until the expiry date printed on it.

Why do mosquito bites cause itching?
Insects usually bite into areas of the skin that are well supplied with blood and inject a secretion into the puncture site to prevent blood clotting so that they can drink undisturbed. This substance causes the body to rapidly release histamines, which cause an allergic reaction. In addition to itching, it usually also involves swelling and reddening of the skin.

Scratching is the natural reaction to itching, but should be avoided if possible in order to prevent bacteria from entering the puncture site and the associated risk of inflammation. Children in particular tend to scratch frequently, which is why it is advisable to use a suitable drug to relieve itching.

Is the HYDROCORTISONE AL 0.5% cream also suitable for use with a sun allergy?
Yes, the low-dose HYDROCORTISONE AL 0.5% cream is also suitable for treating the affected areas of the skin with sun allergies and can effectively alleviate the symptoms.

To prevent discomfort, you should avoid direct sunlight as much as possible and cover your skin with clothing if possible. In addition, the consistent use of a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor is advisable. For allergic skin you can get special sunscreens without fats and lipids in pharmacies.