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  • HYDROMASSAGE. Aromatic foot bath and a relaxing massage, it can be done! HYDROMASSAGE Beurer FB 35 has three functions, including bubble massage and vibration, as well as infrared points and gives the opportunity to do a pedicure.

Hydromasażer; 3 interchangeable attachments: massage, callous and brush.

The apparatus for foot massage marki Beurer has a special reinforcing substrate massage effect, replaceable tips, various features of the massage points infrared filter and bath preparations. HYDROMASSAGE FB 35 can be used according to your needs, the service is simple and extremely surprising effect. After such a bath and massage your feet will feel real relief and relaxation. What benefits can still be achieved? The device will affect the improved blood supply, the regeneration of cells and relax the muscle tension. We have to choose vibration massage, bubble or magnetic (16 integrated magnets). Special prognosis cap (removable) perform reflexology massage. The device also has a function of keeping a constant temperature. Arranged are also soothing infrared points. With the supplied endings can perform a pedicure. The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty.

Beurer FB 35 foot HYDROMASSAGE recommended to perform a foot massage and preparing special relaxing bath. You can be used to perform a pedicure.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children.

Power supply: network;
power: 140W; EU
non-slip feet;
convenient cable rewind function;
the splash guard removed;
practical handle;
double wall to allow a better thermal insulation.

Warranty: 3 years.