Hydromotors Burns Treatment hydrocolloid gel 75g, burns treatment, first aid for burns

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  • Hydrocolloid gel adjuvant treatment of burns hydromotors analgesic and soothes and provides a cooling effect. The gel also affects the acceleration of wound healing and reduces the risk of infection or formation of scabs and scars.

Acidic colloidal carbomer, carnosine, water, preservative: silver citrate.

burn requires a rapid response and proper wound care, which significantly reduces the complications that can occur during healing and scarring. A medical device hydromotors positive influence on the regulation of the microenvironment of a wound, which accelerates the healing. Contained in the gel carbomer stabilized Carnosine helps all kinds of wounds - dry and oozing, normalizing the level of humidity. Hydromotors also increases the level of moisture and elasticity of burnt skin, making it a beneficial effect on its regeneration. A medical device instead of irritating parabens comprises silver citrate, which acts as a preservative.

Medical device hydromotors Burns Treatment hydrocolloid gel for use in case of burns, sunburn, skin abrasions and cracks.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at 5-25st. C. In the case of large, extensive and deep wounds heavily infected wounds or other complications should consult a doctor.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the gel. Do not use on mucous membranes, eyelids and around the eyes.

For external use only. The burn should be immediately put under running, lukewarm (never cold!) Water, so cool for about 20 minutes. It is important to start the chilling as soon as possible, because after 30 minutes beneficial cooling effect burns completely disappear. Then apply the gel hydromotors. Administered by the dispenser. Apply a thick layer, not rub. If necessary, it can be assumed dressing.