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HYDROSORB GEL sterile 15g


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  • HYDROSORB GEL sterile forms a transparent hydrogel dressing that maintains a moist environment in the wound and speeds of granulation and epithelization. Protects against secondary infection.

HYDROSORB GEL Ingredients:
glycerin, hydroxyethyl cellulose, cellulose and carbomer

The formulation is in the form of an amorphous, transparent hydrogel which, when introduced into the wound is prepared moisture. The impact causes the softening of the dry necrotic tissue to aid in its removal. In addition, it relieves pain, often occurring during dressing changes. Because the gel is in the form of the syringe, the dosing is easy and allows, for example. Read the amount of formulation put into the wound. Accelerates granulation and epithelialization, and thus stops the germs, prevents secondary infections.

HYDROSORB GEL Contraindications:
- allergic to ingredients

The product must be used under moist healing therapy long term, especially those deep. Also indicated the wounds surface with little exudate or dry. It can be used as the degree burns 2b.

applying topically directly to the wound after prior cleaning and drying. The dressing can be changed depending on the needs, but not less frequently than every 7 days.