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HydroVag x 14 globules, Vaginal globules

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HydroVag x 14 globules, Vaginal globules

  • Vaginal globules of HydroVag with sodium hyaluronate, lactic acid and glycogen are indicated for use in perimenopausal women. The product has a moisturizing, regenerating and protecting effect, soothes irritations and brings relief.

HydroVag composition:

One vaginal globule contains: 10mg of sodium hyaluronate, glycogen, lactic acid and auxiliary substances: sodium lactate and semi-synthetic glycerides.

HydroVag operation:

After application, the HydroVag globule coats the vaginal mucosa with a layer that promotes the improvement of the epithelial state. Sodium hyaluronate protects, moisturizes, supports the process of healing and tissue reconstruction. Lactic acid supports the maintenance of a proper vaginal pH (below 4.5), which reduces the risk of infection. Glycogen acts as a barrier, it is also a nutrient for lactobacilli, which are part of the natural bacterial flora of the vagina. HydroVag vaginal globules are used regularly to increase the hydration of vaginal mucous membranes, support the maintenance of the physiological pH of the vagina and support regenerative processes. In addition, they protect against the harmful effects of external factors and help ensure the proper functioning of the vaginal epithelium. The product is a support during treatment of infections and inflammation of the vagina.


HydroVag globules intended for use in the menopausal period, when vaginal mucous membrane disappears (atrophy), as well as dyspareunia, puerperium, after gynecological procedures (eg crotch incision, colonoscopy), after radio and chemotherapy. Globulki can be used when there is a need to regenerate the vaginal epithelium, if you feel dryness, tension, pruritus and burning in intimate places, as well as to support proper flora and optimal vaginal pH (eg after antibiotic therapy).

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the globules.

How to use HydroVag globules:

Wash your hands before using. Carefully remove the foil globule. Gently place it in the sheath. In the case when the consistency of the globule is too soft (due to high temperature), it is recommended to hide the globule for a few minutes in the refrigerator before removing it from the foil. Basic treatment: apply one globule per night for a period of 7 consecutive days (unless the doctor recommends otherwise). Maintenance cure: apply one globule per night every 2-3 days until a permanent improvement is obtained (unless the doctor recommends otherwise).

HydroVag x 14 globules, Vaginal globules HydroVag × 14 كريات، كريات مهبلية