HYDROVAG x 7 intravaginal, menopause treatment, painful intercorse, dyspareunia treatment

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  • Menopause treatment, painful intercorse, dyspareunia treatment. HYDROVAG is a unique product that supports the regeneration and reconstruction of the vaginal epithelium and moisturizes. Removes discomfort, relieves pain and protects against infections and restores proper pH intimate spheres.

1 globule comprises: 10mg sodium hyaluronate, glycogen, lactic acid and other ingredients: sodium lactate and semi-synthetic glycerides.

The product is intended for vaginal use. It works based on sodium hyaluronate. Globule when placed in the vagina and dissolves a protective layer coating the mucosa, which facilitates regeneration of the vaginal epithelium. At the same time it shows moisturizing properties and promotes healing. Thanks to the content of lactic acid helps to regulate vaginal pH (</ = 4.5,) and thus reduces the risk of infection. Glycogen is a medium for lactic acid bacteria and protects against diseases.

- allergic to ingredients

It is recommended to use the product in case of dryness and discomfort, atrophy and dystrophy (caused by estrogen deficiency), pain after a painful sexual intercourse, childbirth wounds and gynecological procedures. Indicated even after radio- and chemotherapy, and in the period around menopause and after the use of hormonal drugs.

How to use:
Apply vaginally. In the context of the treatment of primary use globule one night for the next seven days. As part of the maintenance treatment used one globule every 2-3 days for a night until achieving sustained improvement.