HYGIENE HOOK Metal distance handle Multitool

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HYGIENE HOOK Metal distance handle Multitool

HYGIENE HOOK Metal distance handle Multitool

Hygiene hook / distance grip – your companion in everyday life 1. Tip for using keyboards , e.g secure hold without slipping 6. Soft touch made of silicone for operating touch panels 7. Large area for advertising

In times of influenza waves and pandemics as well as in places with a lack of cleanliness, the fastest bridges from person to person are still built via bacteria and viruses, to put it in the words of Gerhard Uhlenbruck (German immunobiologist and aphorist). Therefore, not only is proximity an expression of affection, distance can also do this as part of caring actions in extraordinary times.

In order to keep the distance in everyday life and to reduce the risk of a smear infection in flu or pandemic times, we have therefore included a small everyday helper in our portfolio.



Our hygiene hook/distance handle is a multifunctional tool that helps you to keep your distance in the following activities:

  • When opening doors through the curved hook when operating a door handle.
  • When operating elevator switches, making entries at payment terminals, etc. through the flattened metal tip.
  • For inputs on touchscreens using a soft-touch surface made of silicone.
  • When releasing a group of shopping trolleys using the printed, coin-like grip surface.



An integrated bottle opener on the top shows the common goal and supports social gatherings in a practical way after the crisis is over. The hole for inclusion in a bunch of keys completes the function of our multi-tool.

We can also design the printed area (20 x 20 mm) in the curve for the shopping cart with your logo and your domain - please contact us.

The closeness and the associated warmth, affection and emotions are an expression of a primal human need that is inherent in all of us. Nobody likes to be without this for a long period of time, which is why it should be the top priority of every rational being to overcome difficult times together through caring and rationality.

  • Maintain a distance of at least 1.50 m in public wherever possible.
  • Wear a face mask/respirator where distance cannot be maintained or where the situation requires it
  • Follow the instructions of the health authorities.
  • Have faith in the established scientific institutions that have already produced so much good. Evidence is the key to success!
  • Present legitimate criticism of irrational protective measures in a format that does not endanger you, your loved ones and close ones.
  • Stay healthy! – Life still has so many beautiful things to offer.