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Hylo-GEL Lubricant Eye Drops 10 ml gel, eye drops for dry eyes


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  • Hylo-GEL Lubricant Eye Drops in the form of a gel is a product that effectively replenishes tears. This ensures proper hydration eyes and helps to regenerate and relieve irritation.

Hylo-GEL Lubricant Eye Drops Composition:
Sodium hyaluronate 2 mg / ml, citrate, sorbitol, water

Hylo-GEL Lubricant Eye Drops Action:
Hylo-GEL Lubricant Eye Drops in the form of a gel is a product with the properties wiskoelastycznymi. It consists of sodium hyaluronate, which covers the surface of the eye, stable long-lasting, moisturizing film. Drops combine well with the tear fluid. Ensure the proper hydration of the cornea and conjunctiva. Support the process of blinking and protect the eye against external factors. Moreover maintain proper hydration contributes to the renewal of the damaged surface structures of the eye. Hylo-GEL Lubricant Eye Drops clearly support the healing process.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation

Hylo-GEL Lubricant Eye Drops Indications:
It is recommended that drops to moisten the surface of the eye for the impression of dryness, and following surgery.

How to use:
Apply topical, ocular. It is recommended applying 1 drop into the conjunctival sac. This must be repeated several times a day - as required.Drops may be used for a long time. When applying the preparation more than x 10 / 24h is recommended to conduct ophthalmological examination.