Hylo PROTECT moisturizing drops for eyes 10ml, dry eye symptoms


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  • Hylo PROTECT moisturizing eye drops is a product for topical application, which has protective properties against keratoconjunctivitis. It relieves the symptoms of dryness of the surface of the eyeball.

hyaluronic acid 0.05%, ectoine

The product is in the form of eye drops for topical use. It is characterized by a complex composition. Hyaluronic acid has moisturizing properties, responsible for relaxation feeling of dryness, and baking. It has similar effects to the effects of natural tears. Drops further comprise ectoine Hydro complex contributes to the reduction of inflammation and allergic. The formulation has protective properties, protection against damage to the eye.

- allergic to ingredients

The preparation should be used in case of irritation and excessive dryness of the eyes (due to eg. The external factors). It can also be used in contact lens wearers.

How to use:
Apply topically. It is recommended applying one drop of each formulation in the conjunctival sac.