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HYLO-VISION gel multi eye drops

OmniVision GmbH

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HYLO-VISION gel multi eye drops

Dosage form:eye drop

For severe and chronic feelings of dryness

For severe and chronic complaints, such as those caused by the use of contact lenses and after diagnostic procedures on the eye, as a result of environmental stimuli, Visual stress and illnesses can occur, those affected want long-lasting relief.

HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi is a sterile, phosphate-free and highly viscous wetting solution. The eye drops with hyaluronic acid are beneficial and well tolerated. They protect and moisturize the surface of the eye, making it supple and thus ensuring long-lasting relief from discomfort.

HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi is also well suited for wetting hard and soft contact lenses. This can significantly improve the wearing comfort of contact lenses.

Intensive moistening and long-lasting protection of the cornea

Eye drops with hyaluronic acid are a relief for dry or heavily stressed eyes and moisten the surface of the eyes. Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance and also occurs in the structures of the human eye and in the tear film, is therefore particularly well tolerated.

Hyaluronic acid is characterized by a high water-binding capacity and adheres well to the mucous membrane thanks to its mucoadhesive properties. HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi moisturizes and protects the surface of the eye and ensures an even, stable and particularly long-lasting moisture film.

Moisturizing & protective eye drops

• Intensive moistening and long-lasting protection of the eye surface with 0.3% hyaluronic acid
• For severe and chronic feelings of dryness
• Highly viscous
• Phosphate-free
• Can be used for 90 days after opening
• Suitable for hard and soft contact lenses

Step 1: Hands carefully before each use wash and dry. To open for the first time, turn the screw cap counterclockwise until the safety lock breaks.

Step 2: Hold the bottle with the opening facing down and drip 1 to 2 drops of HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi into the conjunctival sac for each eye. The solution spreads through the blink of an eye and forms a transparent layer of liquid on the surface of the eye.

If you use HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi in conjunction with contact lenses: Apply 1 to 2 drops to each contact lens before inserting instead of putting the drops directly into the eyes.

Step 3: After use, close the bottle with the cap.

To avoid infections, the same bottle of HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi should not be used by multiple people.


Intense vision, e.g. B. during prolonged screen time or long car journeys, the blink frequency can decrease, and the surface of the eye is then wetted less often with tears. Environmental stimuli such as dry indoor air from heating and air conditioning, tobacco smoke, cold wind and pollutants in the air can also have a negative effect on the tear film.


The use of contact lenses represents mechanical stress that can disrupt the tear film and cause unpleasant irritation. HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi moisturizes and protects the stressed surface of the eye. The wetting agent is suitable for use with hard and soft contact lenses and can also be dripped while wearing the contact lenses.


After diagnostic and surgical procedures on the eye, the tear film may be temporarily disturbed and cause a strong feeling of dryness. HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi is well suited after diagnostic procedures and eye operations. The phosphate-free, highly viscous eye drops provide intensive moisturization and long-lasting relief from symptoms.


Various diseases such as Sjögren's syndrome, diabetes, rheumatism or various skin diseases can be responsible for dry eyes (Sicca syndrome).
In addition, taking certain medications (e.g. antihypertensives, anti-allergics, psychotropic drugs) can impair tear film production or affect the frequency of blinking.


Who is HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi suitable for?
HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi eye drops are intended for use in adults and adolescents. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as small children, should consult their ophthalmologist before using HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi.

How often and for how long should you use HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi?
Apply HYLO-VISION ®Apply Gel Multi as needed or as directed by your eye doctor. The eye drops are well tolerated and suitable for long-term use. As with all illnesses, however, if the symptoms persist or recur frequently, you should consult an ophthalmologist to rule out other illnesses that require treatment. In the case of additional local treatment, an interval of around 30 minutes must be maintained between the two applications. In this case, HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi eye drops should be used after the other product.

Can there be side effects when using HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi?
After using HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi, visual acuity may temporarily be impaired (blurred vision). In this case you should not drive a vehicle or operate any machinery. It is advisable to wait until normal visual acuity has returned. Immediately after instilling the drops, temporary symptoms such as: B. a burning sensation in the eyes may occur.

What is the advantage of phosphate-free eye drops?
Phosphate salts are added to eye preparations to regulate pH and are safe for people with a healthy cornea. However, if the cornea is damaged, phosphate-free eye drops such as: B. HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi is recommended. The reaction of phosphate components with the calcium from the tear fluid forms crystals that can become deposited in the cornea. This can lead to clouding of the cornea and impairment of vision.

Are preservatives contained in HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi?
HYLO-VISION ® Gel Multi contains polyhexanide. This is a gentle preservative that, due to its antimicrobial properties, effectively protects against contamination of the wetting solution and is at the same time very well tolerated. If you have intolerance to preservatives or have sensitive eyes, HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Gel is an unpreserved, phosphate-free eye drop with 0.3% hyaluronic acid for intensive moistening of the surface of the eye.

HYLO-VISION gel multi eye drops