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HYLO-VISION SafeDrop Lipocur eye drops

OmniVision GmbH

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HYLO-VISION SafeDrop Lipocur eye drops

Dosage form:eye drop

HYLO-VISION SafeDrop Lipocur eye drops

HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur eye drops

Relief from a feeling of dryness, burning and watery eyes

Visual stress and environmental stimuli, mechanical stress on the eyes caused by contact lenses and operations as well as various illnesses and medications can cause unpleasant symptoms such as a feeling of dryness, burning and watery eyes. HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® with moisturizers, lipids and taurine ensures intensive moistening for all forms of dry eye, including lipid deficiency. The eye drops relieve the symptoms, regenerate and rebuild the tear film. The sterile wetting solution is well tolerated and phosphate-free. It contains no preservatives and can be used for 6 months after opening. Thanks to the innovative SafeDrop ® system with a wide finger rest and pump mechanism, the eye drops are easy to use and precisely dosed. HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® is also suitable for wetting hard and soft contact lenses. This can significantly improve the wearing comfort of contact lenses. HYLO-VISION ® Safedrop ® Lipocur ® is the only lipid tear with added taurine in Germany*
*As of 06.2023

For intensive moistening and protection of the eye surface

. With its special composition, HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® supports all three layers of the tear film. Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that also occurs in the tear film, is characterized by its high water-binding capacity and good adhesion to the surface of the eye. The body's own substance glycerol also has a moisture-retaining and moisturizing effect. Together with hyaluronic acid, it stabilizes the watery layer of the tear film. The lipids in castor oil supplement the lipid layer of the tear film and reduce evaporation. Taurine, another endogenous compound, is the most common amino acid that occurs physiologically in the tear film and in various tissues in the eye. It supports the restoration of the osmotic balance, which is disturbed in dry eye, and protects the cells on the surface of the eye from drying out and oxidative stress. Thanks to the triple combination, HYLO-VISION ® offers SafeDrop ® Lipocur ®Humidification, evaporation protection and osmoregulation in one and is suitable for all forms of dry eye – insufficient tear production as well as excessive evaporation of the tear film due to lipid deficiency. The eye drops provide moisture, improve tear film quality and protect the surface of the eye.

Moisturizing & protective eye drops

• With moisturizers + lipids + taurine
• Intensive moisturizing and protection of the eye surface
• Relief from dryness, burning & watery eyes
• No preservatives & phosphate-free
• Easy to use with practical wide finger rest
• Can be used for 6 months after opening
• For hard and soft Suitable for contact lenses
• Single lipid tear with added taurine in Germany*


Step 1: Before first use, please document the date of opening in the space provided on the bottle label. Remove the protective cap before use.

Step 2: Before using the SafeDrop ® bottle for the first time, press several times until the first drop is produced. Hold the bottle upside down as shown in the illustration. Please avoid any contact of the dropper tip with your fingers and eyes.

Step 3: Hold the bottle as shown in the picture. Make sure your thumb rests on the wide, round, non-slip rest.

Step 4: Now put your head back a little (neck position) and pull the lower eyelid slightly away from your eye with your free hand. Instill 1 to 2 drops of HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® into the conjunctival sac of each eye by activating the pump mechanism once or twice. Make sure to hold the bottle vertically.

Slowly close your eyes so that HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® can spread evenly over the surface of the eye. Close the bottle with the protective cap after each use.

Use with contact lenses:
If you use HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® eye drops in conjunction with contact lenses, apply 1 to 2 drops to each contact lens before inserting them instead of putting the drops directly into the eyes. HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® can also be applied while wearing contact lenses.

NOTE: To avoid the transmission of infections, the same bottle of HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® should not be used by multiple people.


Intense vision, e.g. B. during long screen activities or car journeys, can reduce the blink frequency. The surface of the eye is then wetted less frequently with tears. In addition, environmental stimuli such as dry indoor air, smoke and wind can lead to a dry eye surface. If your eyes feel dry, burning or watery, HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® provides soothing moisture and protects the surface of the eye.


Diagnostic procedures and operations on the eye as well as wearing contact lenses represent mechanical stress that can disrupt the tear film and cause an unpleasant dry feeling. HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® relieves the symptoms, regenerates and rebuilds the tear film. The eye drops are suitable for postoperative use as well as with hard and soft contact lenses.


Dry eyes are often caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MDD). When the meibomian glands, located on the upper and lower eyelids, are blocked, there is a lack of lipids in the tear film. This causes the tears to evaporate too quickly, which can result in burning and watery eyes. HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® supplements the lipid layer, stabilizes it and reduces the evaporation of the tear film.


Numerous diseases can cause dry eyes (Sicca syndrome), such as: B. Sjögren's syndrome or diabetes may be responsible. Taking certain medications can also have a negative effect on the formation of the tear film. HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® is suitable for use in all forms of dry eye and supports all three layers of the tear film thanks to its special composition.


Who is HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® suitable for?
HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® eye drops are intended for use in adults and adolescents. Pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as small children should use HYLO-VISION ®SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® consult your ophthalmologist.

How often and for how long should you use HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ®
? Use HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® as needed or as directed by your ophthalmologist. The eye drops are well tolerated and suitable for long-term use. As with all illnesses, however, if the symptoms persist or recur frequently, you should consult an ophthalmologist to rule out other illnesses that require treatment.
In the case of additional local treatment, an interval of around 30 minutes must be maintained between the two applications. In this case, HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® eye drops should be used after the other product.

Does HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® affect the ability to drive?
After using HYLO-VISION ® SafeDrop ® Lipocur ® eye drops, visual acuity may be temporarily impaired (blurred vision). In this case you should not drive a vehicle or operate machines. Wait until normal visual acuity returns.

Why can a dry eye surface cause watery eyes?
It may seem strange that dry eyes can also cause watering. The phenomenon is therefore also known as “paradoxical dry eye”. However, the symptom is not unusual. The eyes produce more tears to compensate for the dryness of the surface of the eye. As a result of watery eyes, blurred vision may occur.

HYLO-VISION SafeDrop Lipocur eye drops