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HYLOVIS lipo hyaluronic acid eye drops pipette

TRB Chemedica AG

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HYLOVIS lipo hyaluronic acid eye drops single dose pipettes

Pack size:30X0.4 ml Dosage form:Single dose pipettes

HYLOVIS ® LIPO hyaluronic acid - Help with dry eyes:

The dry eye is widespread and is one of the widespread diseases in Germany. Approx. 15-17% of the total German population suffer from dry eyes - women are more often affected than men. Patients with dry eyes complain of tired, red, and burning eyes. Other common symptoms are scratching, uncomfortable pressure and swollen eyelids.

About 60-80% of patients suffer from the so-called hyperevaporative form of dry eye. This is a disruption of the lipid components of the tear film. The tear film evaporates too much because the protective lipid layer (fat layer) is damaged. The clinical picture of the so-called meibomian gland dysfunction * is now regarded as one of the main causes of dry eyes. The secretion of the meibomian glands, which are located on the edge of the eyelid, prevents excessive evaporation of the tear film and stabilizes it at the same time. Meibomian glands that are not functioning optimally and a disruption of the lipid layer lead to a disturbed tear film. The consequence is dry eyes. For the treatment of dry eyes, eye drops with hyaluronic acid and lipids - such as HYLOVIS ®LIPO - successfully proven.

Innovative active ingredient combination of hyaluronic acid and selected lipids

• Effective complete solution for moderate to severe complaints
• Effectively stabilizes all three layers of the tear film
• Compatible with all contact lenses
• Free of preservatives

Effective stabilization of all three layers of the tear film

In simple terms, the tear film consists of three layers. An outer lipid layer, the aqueous middle layer and the inner mucin layer. The tear film adheres to the corneal surface through the mucin or mucus layer. The aqueous layer forms the middle layer and makes up most of the tear film. It not only contains water but also important nutrients, hyaluronic acid and oxygen to supply the surface of the eye.

The outer lipid layer is produced by the so-called meibomian glands and prevents the tear fluid from evaporating, thereby stabilizing the tear film.

HYLOVIS ® works through the innovative combination of hyaluronic acid and selected lipidsLIPO immediately after application on all three layers of the tear film. The lipids close the gaps in the lipid layer and thus stabilize the tear film. HYLOVIS ® LIPO can therefore effectively help to alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes.

Hyperevaporative dry eye
A defective lipid layer creates gaps through which moisture evaporates from the aqueous layer.

Tear substitute with lipids
The wetting solution closes the gaps in the lipid layer, the aqueous layer and the mucin layer are stabilized by the hyaluronic acid.

Wash hands thoroughly before use. Unscrew the cap from the single-dose container and hold the ampoule opening over the eye to be treated. HYLOVIS ® LIPO hyaluronic acid can easily be dripped out of the ampoule with just a little finger pressure. Unless otherwise recommended by the doctor, drip 1 to 2 drops into the conjunctival sac as required. The solution spreads when you blink and forms a transparent, durable layer of liquid on the surface of the eye. Do not touch the dropper opening of the ampoule during use and do not bring it directly to the eye. Do not use damaged ampoules.

HYLOVIS lipo hyaluronic acid eye drops pipette FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

What are the causes of dry eyes?
The causes can be very different. Dry eyes can be attributed to external influences (e.g. dry environment, air conditioning, ozone, dust), internal influences (e.g. diabetes, rheumatic diseases, hormonal changes) and the use of certain medications (e.g. birth control pills). The composition of the tear film is often disturbed and thus evaporates more strongly, which is often due to a meibomian gland dysfunction.

What is meibomian gland dysfunction?
The meibomian glands are sebum glands that are located on the edge of the eyelids. If there is a meibomian gland dysfunction, these are blocked or inflamed. This disrupts the production of the lipid layer of the tear film, which means that it evaporates more quickly. This can lead to dry eyes. Watery eyes can be an indication of meibomian gland dysfunction.

What else can be done to help with dry eyes?
The human body consists of 60 percent water. Water is essential for the body and fulfills a variety of tasks. Therefore, you should always drink enough, but also with dry eyes. Further tips against dry eyes are:

• To blink consciously and regularly
• Regularly ventilate the interior and protect the eyes from drafts.

Furthermore, regular check-ups by the ophthalmologist are essential for the success of the therapy. In addition, dietary supplements can help maintain normal vision. Despite a balanced diet, it can make sense to supply the body with omega-3 fatty acids in the form of food supplements such as OMEGA-3 TRB ® .

How do HYLOVIS ® LIPO and HYLOVIS ® LIPO hyaluronic acid multi differ ?
The difference is the dosage form: HYLOVIS ® LIPO hyaluronic acid is offered as practical single-dose ampoules of 0.4 ml, HYLOVIS ®LIPO multi hyaluronic acid as a multi-dose bottle of 10 ml. However, the formulation of the contained solution is the same in both dosage forms. So every user can decide which one he would like to use preferentially.