Hypercum perforatum OIL WITH CRYSTAL 100ml, antibacterial

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  • Hypercum perforatum OIL WITH HOLIDAYER is a preparation that thanks to its natural composition has antibacterial and anti-bacterial properties, and soothes and soothes the skin. It works well during the care of sensitive epidermis.

Hellianthus Annus, Hypercum Perforatum, Tocopheryl Acetate.

The preparation belongs to a wide category of natural products intended for local use. It includes St. John's wort, which works antibacterial and disinfecting. It is a source of essential oils, tannins, rutin, hypericin. It soothes inflammation, soothes and eliminates thickened epidermis. It improves blood circulation.

Use for burns, bedsores and scars to accelerate the healing of wounds and to reduce thickened epidermis. Recommended for discomfort in the spine, back and lumbar area.

Apply externally by rubbing a small amount of oil in the affected areas, repeating the activity several times a day. Do not expose to the sun after application.