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Hypoallergenic dog treats UK, Dr Seidel


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Dr Seidel, Hypoallergenic dog treats UK,  Hypoallergenic treats 90 g



Hypoallergenic dog treats UK, Dr Seidel:

Guardians of dogs with special nutritional needs often have quite limited choices when it comes to treats. Many of them contain ingredients that are unacceptable in the diet of their patients. For this reason, Dr. Seidel's hypoallergenic treats for dogs 90 g may be a good choice. The product has a recipe specially prepared for the diet of animals suffering from allergies and food intolerances, as well as those with a sensitive digestive system. Hydrolysates were used instead of traditional protein sources. This means that the protein is broken down into the smallest possible particles that do not trigger a response from the immune system. Additionally, rice was also used - an easily digestible source of carbohydrates that will give your dog energy. Treats for sensitive and allergy-prone dogs should be dosed according to the information on the packaging, without exceeding the permitted amounts. The zippered packaging will allow you to store them for a long time without fear of losing their nutritional value. Check out other delicacies from Dr. Seidl.

Application Hypoallergenic dog treats UK, Dr Seidel 

A complete treat for dogs with a composition specially modified for the needs of sensitive dogs and dogs with food allergies. The main ingredients of the treat are protein hydrolysates and rice, which minimize the risk of food intolerance.

Recommendations Hypoallergenic dog treats UK, Dr Seidel 

Treats recommended for dogs with a sensitive digestive tract. A perfect snack between meals or a reward during training (as a trainer).


- small dogs (up to 5 kg) 1-2 pieces per day

- medium-sized dogs (up to 10 kg) 3-4 pieces per day

- large dogs (over 10 kg) 5-8 pieces per day