HYSAN hyaluronic acid spray

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HYSAN hyaluronic acid spray

Pack size:20 ml Dosage form:Nasal spray

hysan ® hyaluronic acid: Effective humidification for a dry nose
• Strengthens and maintains the resistance of the nose
• Facilitates self-cleaning
• With high-quality hyaluronic acid
• Effective humidification for the whole year
• Preservative-free and particularly well tolerated
• Also suitable for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women

Long-lasting Moisturizing the nasal mucosa
Our nose not only serves as an olfactory organ, it also cleans and humidifies several thousand liters of air every day. However, cold, wind, pollutants, heating air and air conditioning and other factors can damage the sensitive nasal mucosa. It then no longer produces enough secretion for self-cleaning. The nose feels dry and blocked, making it difficult to breathe through the nose. In addition, viruses and bacteria can penetrate more easily and trigger infections. hysan ®Hyaluronic acid spray with high quality hyaluronic acid moisturizes the irritated nasal mucous membrane, makes breathing easier and supports the natural self-cleaning process. The medical product does not require any preservatives and is particularly well tolerated. The moisturizing nasal spray is also suitable for use in children as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Nasal spray with high quality hyaluronic acid
hysan ®Hyaluronic acid spray contains various salts and sodium hyaluronate. It is a natural substance with positive properties that have proven particularly useful in moisturizing the nasal mucous membrane: Hyaluronic acid binds water, and it also forms a stable protective film on the stressed mucous membrane that sticks for a long time. This means that the spray does not have to be used as often to allow even moistening of the nasal mucosa. As a natural, endogenous substance, hyaluronic acid is well tolerated, thus avoiding the risk of allergic reactions.

USE hysan ® hyaluronic acid is suitable for long-term moistening of the nasal mucous membrane for adults and children.

1. Remove the protective cap before use.

2. Operate the pump until the solution emerges (usually 1 to 2 times). The system is now ready to use for any further application.

3. Insert the spray port into the nostril and pump once. Breathe in gently while doing this. Repeat the process on the other nostril.

4. Always wipe the nasal adapter with a clean tissue after use to reduce the risk of infection the next time it is used. Then close with the protective cap.

Special circumstances such as dry room air from heating and air conditioning, dust and car exhaust, tobacco smoke or climatic influences such as wind and cold can cause the nasal mucous membrane to lose moisture. Affected people find the "dry nose" uncomfortable, and the self-cleaning function of the mucous membrane and nasal breathing are impaired. Regular humidification ensures efficient protection and care at the same time.

A dry nose is one of the common side effects of a cold as a result of a cold or a flu-like infection. The application of hysan ®Hyaluronic acid spray is recommended as a supportive measure. Due to its special composition based on natural substances, the medical product is well suited to supplement a cold spray or nasal drops. It moisturizes the dry nasal mucous membrane and helps to make nasal breathing easier.

A scientific study proves the positive effects of hysan ® hyaluronic acid spray . * The feeling of a dry nose, impaired nasal breathing and itching in the nose decreased after using the medical product, as did nasal redness and swelling.
91% of the test persons rated the tolerance of hysan ®Hyaluronic acid spray as flawless, 87% would use the preparation again.

* Thieme, U. et al. Randomized trial on performance, safety and clinical benefit of hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid plus dexpanthenol and isotonic saline nasal sprays in patients suffering from dry nose symptoms. Auris nasus larynx. 2020 Feb 14; S0385-8146 (20) 30028-6 FREQUENTLY.


How often should you use hysan ® hyaluronic acid spray ?
hysan ®Hyaluronic acid spray is suitable for moistening the nasal mucosa. The frequency of use depends on your individual complaints. The hyaluronic acid spray is usually administered 1 to 2 sprays per nostril three times a day, but it can be used more frequently if the symptoms are more pronounced. The medical product is particularly well tolerated even with long-term use and can therefore be used over a longer period of time without hesitation. For reasons of hygiene and to avoid the transmission of pathogens, a bottle of hysan ® hyaluronic acid should only be used by the same person.

What do I have to pay attention to when I use hysan ® hyaluronic acid spray together with another preparation?
If further drug treatment with a nasal spray or nasal drops is necessary, always administer hysan ® hyaluronic acid last. Leave a time interval of at least 30 minutes after treatment with another preparation.

What is the difference between hysan ® hyaluronic acid and a conventional salt water spray ?
The advantage of the hysan ® hyaluronic acid spray is that the natural hyaluronic acid it contains sticks to the nasal mucous membrane for a particularly long time and therefore the preparation does not have to be used as often. Nevertheless, an intensive and even moistening of the nasal mucous membrane is achieved.

Are in hysan ®Does hyaluronic acid contain propellants?
No, the hysan ® hyaluronic acid spray does not contain any propellant gases. Thanks to a special pump mechanism, propellants can be dispensed with in all hysan ® nasal sprays.