HYSAN nasal ointment 5g


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HYSAN nasal ointment 5g

  • HYSAN is a nasal ointment preparation that moisturizes the nasal mucosa thanks to the content of retinol palmitate. Supports regeneration and alleviation of existing irritations.


HYSAN nasal ointment 5g Composition:

contains 250 IU / g retinol palmitate, paraffin, wax, white paraffin

The preparation is included in a wide category of complex agents intended for topical use. The substance contained in it (retinol palmitate) shows moisturizing and soothing properties, effectively removing dryness within the nose. It allows you to regulate the humidity of the nasal mucosa according to the standard. The product prevents the drying of the mucosa and protects against the harmful effects of environmental factors.

Use to moisturize the mucous membrane in the front of the nose and relieve symptoms of its drying (eg during a cold).


Dosage HYSAN nasal ointment 5g:

Use nasally, applying the preparation to both nasal cavities in their front parts. Repeat the operation if necessary.