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HYSAN sea water nasal spray 10ml


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  • HYSAN sea water nasal spray is a product that moisturizes the nasal mucosa. Helps in cleansing the nasal passages with dirt and allergens and affects thinning secretions.

2.7% sea salt

Spray is a unique preparation, which thanks to its unique composition (sea salt) has a cleansing effect and udrażniająco on the nasal passages. It allows you to remove dried secretions accumulated in the nose and protect the mucosa from the effects of environmental factors. It allows free breathing and moisturizes.Additionally it affects thinning secretions.

It is recommended to apply the aerosol in order to clear and clean the nasal passages, especially during the cold. Indicated for children over 1 year of age and during pregnancy.

Use nasal, before application of tilting his head to one side.