IBALGIN SPORT cream 50g, Zentiva


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  • IBALGIN SPORT cream Zentiva is applied topically, acting on the basis of ibuprofen and heparynoidu, which alleviates pain and works anticoagulation.

ibuprofen, heparynoid

The cream is characterized by a complex composition. It contains ibuprofen, which stops the action of cyclooxygenase, thus blocking the synthesis of prostaglandins, and inflammatory reaction. Use of the preparation can alleviate pain, reduce swelling and reduce inflammation. It consists of a heparynoid acting antithrombotic and exudation.

- allergic to the ingredients
- open wounds, skin changes

It is recommended to use in case of inflammation of a rheumatoid, degenerative. Also use the supplement in venous thrombophlebitis, as well as the various types of injuries.

For adults and adolescents over 12 years of age to apply cream bar with a thickness of 1 mm in places where the pain is x 2-3 / 24, which 4-5h.