Iberogast 50 ml liquid, stomach flu treatment, home remedies for acid reflux

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  • Iberogast 50 ml is used to treat stomach and bowel-related disorders peristaltic movements and the secretion of digestive juices. The product is indicated in -stomach and intestinal cramps, irritable bowel syndrome

Iberogast 50 ml Ingredients:
100ml of liquid contains:
Alcohol extract from fresh plants Iberis amara (ethanol 50%) 15ml
Angelicae radicis extractum 10ml
Carvi fructus extractum 10ml
Sylibi mariani fructus extractum 10ml
Melissae foil extractum 10ml
Menthae piperitae foil extractum 5ml
Chelidonia herbae extractum 10ml
Liquiritiae radicis extractum 10ml
extractant used to receive all lifts ethanol is 30%.
This product contains 31 vol.% of alcohol.

Iberogast 50 ml Action:
Iberogast 50 ml vegetable remedy for use in the zaburzeniachżołądkowo disorders. Reduces the feeling of fullness, bloating, osłabiaskurcze stomach and intestines.
Iberogast 50 ml shows właściwościprzeciwzapalne, carminative, anti-oxidant and przeciwbakteryjne.Preparat This increases the amount of prostaglandins that protect the mucous membrane imucyny, reduces the concentration of destructive mucosa leukotrienes.Hamujewydzielanie gastric cells lining the stomach.

Iberogast 50 ml Indications:
Iberogaststosuje in diseases of the stomach and bowel-related disorders wruchach peristalsis and secretion of digestive juices.
The product is indicated in
-skurczach gastroenteritis
-Your jeslita irritable
-podrażnieniu stomach
-stanach inflammation of the gastric mucosa

Iberogast 50 ml Dosage:
If your doctor tells you otherwise Iberogast takes in a small amount of fluid prior / or during meals.
Adults and children over 12 years: 3 times a day 20 drops.
Children 6 to 12 years: 3 times a day 15 drops.

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