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Ibuvit D 600 x 30 capsules twist-off


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  • Ibuvit D 600 is a formulation that due to the content of vitamin D contributes to a significant strengthening of bones and teeth (eg because it increases the absorption of calcium from the digestive tract).

1 capsule contains: Vitamin D3 15 micrograms or 600 IU, vegetable oils (coconut and palm), gelatin, humectant glycerol,

Ibuvit D 600 is among the group of dietary foods for special medical purposes. It is responsible for the addition of vitamin D in the body.This component contributes to the absorption of calcium from the digestive tract. Works also regulate the calcium-phosphate. As a result, it participates in the normal process of mineralization and formation of bone and teeth. In addition, a beneficial effect on the muscles and the functioning of the immune system. Children breastfed normally receive inadequate amounts of vitamin D, which is why it is recommended supplementation of this nutrient. Ibuvit D 600 is in the form of capsules twist-off.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation

Use the preparation in infants and children from 6 months to replenish vitamin D levels in the body (especially in the case of breast-feeding).

For oral use. Usually advisable to give children a dose of 1 kaps./24h. Its content must squeeze directly into the baby's mouth or mixed with a previously prepared food.