Ichthyol Ointment 20g


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Ichthyol Ointment 20g

  • Ichthyol Ointment is a preparation for external use, which exhibits anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic. Additionally, it helps sell the oil at the skin lesions.

100g of the ointment contains 10g of ammonium sulfobituminianu

Ichthyol Ointment Action:
The preparation is characterized by a local action. Its active ingredient is sulfobituminian ammonium, which is responsible for anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic. Use of the preparation helps the process go pus with skin lesions.

Ichthyol Ointment Indications:
It is recommended to use the product in case of inflammation of the skin of a purulent, ulcers, boils, acne secondarily infected, as well as bruises.

Ichthyol Ointment Dosage:
Apply topically, require a small amount of the ointment in the pathologically altered by repeating function x 1-2 / 24.