IDEALFLEX Elastic bandage 10cm x 5m x 1 piece


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IDEALFLEX The elastic bandage compresses (with medium power), supports and relieves the load. It works well for sprains, sprains and other injuries (including sports). It was created with the use of natural fibers.

natural fibers

The band is highly flexible and extensible, which makes it easy to use also for rounded and conical parts of the body). In addition, it is very durable and enables medium compression force to be obtained at the site of injury. It has been produced with the use of natural fibers, which makes it pleasant to the skin and breathable. It can support or relieve limbs or be used to attach splints. The dimensions of the band are 10cm x 5m.

Recommended in injuries as a dressing to support and relieve the structures within the musculoskeletal system. Recommended for people who practice sports.

Directions for use:
Use at the site of the injury. Adjust the dimensions of the band (selecting the appropriate width) to the needs.