IDEALFLEX Elastic bandage 15cm x 5m x 1 piece


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IDEALFLEX elastic bandage maintains a moderate pressure at the site of injury. It is characterized by extensibility, strength and softness. The product is made of natural fibers.

IDEALFLEX Elastic bandage Composition:
natural fibers

IDEALFLEX Elastic bandage Action:
The elastic bandage, thanks to its considerable stretch and average compressive force, is suitable as a dressing for supporting or relieving limbs and joints in the event of injuries within the skeletal system, such as sprains and sprains. It is also used as a sports bandage. The product is very durable, pleasant to the skin and breathable (contains natural fibers). It is breathable and adheres well to the body surface. The dimensions of the band are 15cm x 5m.

IDEALFLEX Elastic bandage Indications:
It can be used as a sports bandage as well as for sprains and sprains. Also recommended for mounting rails.

Directions for use:
Use at the site of injury (also on rounded and conical parts of the body).