IDEALFLEX Elastic bandage 20cm x 5m x 1 piece


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IDEALFLEX elastic bandage is a medical device with a medium pressure force and a relatively high tendency to stretch. Thanks to natural fibers, it facilitates skin breathing and allows air to pass through.

IDEALFLEX Elastic bandage Composition:
natural fibers

IDEALFLEX Elastic bandage Action:
The band is intended for local use. It is flexible and stretchable and has a medium compressive strength. Thanks to this, it can be used as a supporting and relieving dressing (especially in the case of damage to the skeleton or joints, e.g. in the case of sprains or sprains). It is recommended for use by people practicing sports, and also as a bandage for fixing splints. It is durable, and thanks to the fact that it is made of natural fibers, it is breathable and soft.

It is recommended to use the bandage for injuries that require moderate pressure. Indicated for dislocations and sprains, as well as for fixing the splints.

Directions for use:
Apply externally at the site of injury (also on rounded and conical parts of the body).