IDEALFLEX Elastic bandage 8cm x 5m x 1 piece


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IDEALFLEX The elastic bandage made of natural fibers is stretchy and creates a medium pressure compression. It is used in the case of various types of trauma, especially sprains and sprains.

natural fibers

The product was designed to be used for dressing purposes, e.g. in injuries such as sprain or sprain. It works especially well in such situations when it is advisable that the dressing should compress the affected area at least to a moderate extent. Due to the fact that the band is made of natural fibers, it does not irritate the skin and allows it to breathe. It is very flexible and durable, can be worn on body parts with rounded and conical shapes. The dimensions of the band are 8cm x 5m.

Use as a dressing supporting or relieving limbs in case of injuries of the locomotor system, as a band for fixing splints or a sports bandage.

Directions for use:
Use at the site of the injury. Adjust the dimensions of the band (selecting the appropriate width) to the needs.