IGNATIA HOMACCORD drops 30ml, depression, homeopathic medicine for anxiety


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  • IGNATIA HOMACCORD Depression, homeopathic medicine for anxiety. HEEL IGNATIA HOMACCORD is one of the homeopathic preparations used orally in the form of drops, which alleviates ailments associated with mental disorders - depression and hysterical noise.

Ignatia D4, Ignatia D10, Ignatia D30, Ignatia D200, Moschus moschiferus D6, Moschus moschiferus D30, Moschus moschiferus D200

A homeopathic preparation used orally in the form of drops, which thanks to its unique composition acts as an auxiliary to the functioning of the body and nervous system. Its reception allows for the relief of depression. It restores emotional balance, eliminating excessive crying and nervous agitation.

Indications: The product is intended for use in the case of nervous disorders such as unipolar affective disorder (especially reactive) and hysterical noise.

Apply orally at a dose of 10 drops x 3 / 24h, and acute at the beginning of 10 drops every 15 minutes for 2 hours.