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Iladian intimate hygiene gel, natural feminine wash


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Iladian intimate hygiene gel 180ml, natural feminine wash

  • Natural feminine wash. Iladian Hypoallergenic Hyaluronic Gel is an effective daily care product for intimate areas and exceptional support. It works bi-directionally - it cleans and protects against irritation and infections.

Iladian intimate hygiene gel, natural feminine wash Action:
The action of Iladian intimate hygiene gel is based on natural extracts of licorice and cranberry. They have antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral effects. Eliminates discomfort caused by impotence and odor. Liquorice, thanks to the content of saponins, flavonoids and organic acids, also acts soothing and moisturizing. Cranberries as a rich source of vitamin C are particularly helpful in treating and preventing urinary tract infections. Iladian gel is enriched with extract of aloe vera, a plant known for its unique moisturizing and regenerating properties. The proper level of pH of the intimate zones will provide lactic acid, which restores and maintains the acidic environment, also helps to preserve the natural bacterial flora of the vagina.

For daily washing and care of intimate areas.

How to use Iladian intimate hygiene gel, natural feminine wash:
Small amount of product spread in an intimate space. After washing, rinse with plenty of water.