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IMMULINA 100mg x 30 capsules, drowsiness, always tired, excessive sleeping, apathy

Phytomedica Poland

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  • Immulina includes the composition of bioactive complex of blue-green algae - Arthrospira platensis and is indicated as a dietary supplement, which supports vitality and health of the body. Immulina, effectively prevents the feeling of fatigue, drowsiness, apathy.

1 capsule contains 100 mg of standardized LCEPEEN complex of cyanobacteria Arthrospira platensis, corresponding to approx. 0.75 g dried cyanobacteria formerly called mikroalgami. Calcium phosphate E341 (filler), microcrystalline cellulose E 460 (carrier), magnesium stearate E 470b (carrier), gelatin E441 (capsule), titanium dioxide E171 (dye).

Action: Immulina is obtained from cyanobacteria Arthrospira platensis and contains a special extract LCPEEN. This extract is a complex polysaccharide, and has properties imitating bacterial antigens. And what is especially important the complex is completely safe. Immulina, is a modern and effective product designed for anyone who leads an active life. Immulina can be used by vegetarians and vegans

Dosage: As a precaution, as an everyday dietary supplement, take one capsule daily.