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immunLoges ® juice
For an efficient immune system with a fast and effective immune reaction *

Unique combination of high quality natural and micronutrients

• Spirimmun ® : Fractionated special extract from the spirulina algae
• Betox-93 ® : Highly pure beta-glucans from Hiratake mushrooms
• Vitamin C , D, selenium and zinc: Immune-relevant vitamins and trace elements that supply the immune system *

* In addition to vitamin D, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system in children, the other ingredients zinc, selenium and vitamin C generally contribute to a healthy immune system.

For whom is the product:

Our immune system - a natural defense system against pathogens

From birth, children have an innate, so-called unspecific defense system. This still has to develop completely over time and learn the specific defense against pathogens. The body's defenses are particularly challenged in the cold, wet season, because viruses and bacteria are in high season in winter. So that the body's own "learning process" of the immune system can take place, it is important for children to support the healthy function of the immune system through nutrition.

When can additional support for a healthy immune system in children be useful?
• With close contact with many children in public institutions (e.g. start of day care and kindergarten, play group, start of school and change to secondary school)
• In certain stressful phases (e.g. with sporting and school challenges, family differences or with Growth spurts)
• In the event of an unbalanced diet (eg if certain foods are rejected)
The special composition of immunLoges ® juice was developed taking into account the latest scientific findings and tailored to the special needs of the immune system of children. With the delicious fruity taste, daily intake is child's play.

The components of immunLoges ® juice are:

Spirimmun ® - special extract from spirulina algae

The special extract used for immunLoges ® juice is obtained in a unique process developed by the University of Mississippi. This makes the special ingredients available in high concentrations. New scientific findings show that preparations made from spirulina algae can make an important and valuable contribution to maintaining health.

Betox-93 ® - Highly pure beta-glucans from Hiratake mushrooms

Beta-glucans are natural multiple sugars that occur in mushrooms, yeasts and grains, so-called polysaccharides. These are assigned to the dietary fiber. The type of linkage between the individual sugar molecules is important for the immune system: Beta-glucans, which have a high proportion of 1,3 / 1,6 linkages, were able to show the best effects. With a content of 93% these are contained in high purity in immunLoges ® juice.

Vitamin C

The classic among vitamins is one of the longest known and best-researched vitamins. With a wide variety of functions, it is indispensable for the immune system *.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D fulfills a multitude of vital tasks in our body and plays an important role in the immune system *.


Selenium is important for the functionality of certain immune cells. These are required for the body's own defenses *.


Zinc is also important for a functioning immune defense. Since the human organism is hardly able to store zinc, it is dependent on a continuous zinc supply *.

* In addition to vitamin D, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system in children, the other ingredients zinc, selenium and vitamin C in general contribute to a healthy immune system.

immunLoges ® juice: For children from 1 year

• Same composition as the capsules, dosed
suitable for children • Ready to drink, with a delicious fruit taste
• Free from artificial colors , flavorings and sweeteners
• Also for adults who have problems swallowing capsules.

IMMUNLOGUE juice Food supplements. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

IMMUNLOGUE juice Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!