IMMUNOMIX mouthguard spray, oral cavity


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IMMUNOMIX mouthguard spray, oral cavity

pack size:30ml Dosage form:spray

ImmunoMix mouthguard

spray ImmunoMix mouthguard spray is a 100% natural medical product that supports the physiological defense mechanisms of the oral cavity. Thanks to its barrier effect, the product protects the oral mucosa from potentially harmful external irritants such as viruses and bacteria. It also helps maintain the integrity of the epithelial barrier and has softening, moisturizing and soothing effects. The product acts in a physiological and non-pharmacological way and can be used frequently because it does not irritate or dry out the mucous membrane.

AREAS OF APPLICATION: ImmunoMix mouthguard spray supports the protection of the oral mucosa from external irritants such as viruses and bacteria that can trigger an infection of the upper respiratory tract.

ImmunoMix Mouthguard Spray can also be used to treat irritations in the oral cavity caused, for example, by pollutants and irritants such as dust, smoke, smog and dry air. The product is suitable from 2 years.