INADINE Dressing 5cm x 5cm x 1 piece

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INADINE DRESSINGS is a special hygienic material with a PVP-1 dressing (iodopovidone), which protects antiseptic, protective and absorbing effects on the wound. Particularly indicated for microbial surface wounds.

INADINE Dressing Composition:
Dressing saturated with ointment containing 10% iodopovidone (PVP-1). The dressing also contains polyethylene glycol and purified water.

INADINE Dressing Action:
Gauze dressings belong to a wide category of hygienic materials that stop wound filtration and allow you to dress cuts. They are air permeable and absorbent. It protects the wound from getting dirt into it. For a long time due to the content of iodopovidone, it has antiseptic properties - protecting against microbial infection.

INADINE Dressing Contraindications:
- allergic to the components of the preparation
- the state before and after iodine treatment
- during the treatment of kidney diseases
- pregnancy
- lactation
- herpetic dermatitis

It is recommended to use the dressing in the case of surface wounds with bacterial, protozoal or fungal infection (in the more serious ones it can be used with an antibiotic used systemically).

After cleaning and drying the wound, apply a gauze dressing.