INAMIA Lactoferrin Plus


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ForMeds INAMIA Lactoferrin Plus 30 capsules

NAMIA LACTOFERRIN PLUS with Vitamin E and Zinc is a product dedicated to problematic skin with imperfections, acne, especially for sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions and irritations. It contains lactoferrin, vitamin E and a highly absorbable form of zinc - citrate.
Lactoferrin - is a dietary supplement used to improve the body's immunity. Cosmetology became interested in lactoferrin, especially in the context of relieving skin inflammations. It is a protein found in human and cow's milk. The greatest amount of lactoferrin is contained in colostrum, i.e. the first milk produced by the mother immediately after the baby is born. It is also found in tears, saliva, bile and mucus.

lactoferrin benefits

Lactoferrin clearly has immunological benefits, as well as having an important antibacterial and antiviral role. Because it is known to interfere with some of the receptors used by coronaviruses, it may contribute usefully to the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infections.

Vitamin E - has a wide range of effects on our skin, soothes irritations, brightens discolorations, tones and firms the skin. It is called the "vitamin of youth". The first symptom of too low vitamin E levels in the body is the deterioration of the skin and hair condition. Vitamin E as a strong antioxidant, eliminates free radicals, neutralizes them and thus protects the skin against premature aging. It soothes irritations caused by UV radiation.
Zinc - is the greatest ally in the fight against the problems of sensitive skin - reduces irritation and removes redness. Preparations containing zinc effectively help in the treatment of skin ailments. This mineral copes well with damage and speeds up wound healing.

The ForMeds Inamia Supplement Line always has a clean composition, without unnecessary artificial additives, and the whole is enclosed in a vegetable pullulan capsule and glass packaging that can be recycled.

INAMIA Lactoferrin Plus Usage:

Take 1 capsule once a day - with a meal.

INAMIA Lactoferrin Plus Ingredients

lactoferrin, pullulan (capsule shell), zinc (zinc citrate), vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopheryl succinate).